Cassel Games
Based in Seoul, Republic of Korea

Release date:
November 2019 (Steam)

July 2021 (Android)

September 2021 (iOS)


Window, Mac, Android, iOS




Ratropolis is a real-time card game that uses cards to defend a rat's city against enemies. With quick judgment and swiftness, you must defeat upcoming enemies . Build your OWN Ratropolis with various cards that you can get from playing the game. 


  • Cute rats are protagonists instead of feral cats
  • Time is resource, real-time deck building card game
  • Highly engaging game requiring quick judgment and response of the players
  • Various random elements giving new experience every round
  • Intense game play with short playing time
  • Unlockable elements, making the players stronger after each plays
  • 6+ different leaders! Each with their own styles and traits.
  • 500+ unique cards

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Project" Nexon Dream Members, 2018
  • "Gold Prize in Bachelor catagory" Global Indie Game Development Contest, 2018
  • "Korean Game Academy Award" Global Game Challange Awards, 2018
  • "Nominated for Best Student" MWU Korea Awards, 2019
  • "2nd place" New Gyeonggi Game Audition, 2019
  • "Rising Star Award" Busan Indie Connect Festival, 2019
  • "Nominated for Top Selling" Steam Award, 2019
  • "Top 6" Indie Craft, 2020


  • SungJin Hwang
    Game Director, Cassel Games

  • SunWoong Lee
    Programmer, Cassel Games

  • MinSu Kim
    Concept & Background Artist, Cassel Games

  • GaYeon Ham
    Card & Event Artist, Cassel Games

  • JunHyeok Park
    Animator, Cassel Games

  • TaeGyung Yeon
    Object Artist, Cassel Games

  • Remi Agullo
    Music Composer, Contributor

  • TaeGyun Kim
    Sound Design, 

  • ChaeHo Sin
    Scenario Writter, Contributor

  • SungAn Hwang
    Translator, Contributor