Ratropolis DevDiary #36 - Android Launch

1 Aug 2021
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Hello all! this is Cassel, the lead developer of Ratropolis.

Since the last diary, it's been almost 5 months already!

How have you been?

We've moved into the new office, been fixing bugs,

striving hard to make the better version of Ratropolis on android.

Few days ago, we were finally able to launch the mobile version of Ratropolis on Google Playstore.

May the fortunes be with us; I'd love to write down some of what we were doing.

<Hope there to be many reviews with great score>

- UI/UX alternation -

In order to fit on Android, we had to alter quite many of our UI/UX.

There were many inconvenience which were not caused on the PC,

such as finger hiding using card, or not intended change of the camera view while playing.

Since the screen is so tiny, so we had to enlarge the cards and buttons.

However, it made almost impossible to put new buttons on the screen.

To avoid unintentional touch, some UI had to be relocated,

because even the distance between the buttons were causing problems too.

<Changing history of Game Screen>

Not only on the playing stage, but also on the other pages the UIs had to be enlarged.

We were sure that each of all the users would have different preferences,

so we've tried to find the best out of it through surveys.

Still, it's a bummer that we could not put option for it.

May be we will try it on the next project.

We had to do rework on some achievements.

On the Steam, people can easily find out what they've achieved by the alarm,

however, on the Android, it seems like not that convenient.

This could affect the sense of accomplishment, so we've made new alarm for the game.

<Made as fascinating as that of WoW>

After we linked the game to Google,

we could see that it is unable to be seen because of the Google achievement alarm.

Well, there could be possibility that Google alarm may not be shown, so what could go wrong?

Still, if someone know the way to hide Google achievement alarm, let us know.

- BM -

We've decided to release it Free to Play, because we wanted it to be played by people, as many as possible.

However, we've locked some of our leaders, so that if someone got interested and enjoyed our game,

they can purchase leaders for different experiences.

For our revenue, we decided to put some optional ads.

Since we’ve decided to sell the leaders,

we had to make a new information page to flourish attractiveness of the leaders.

So, when pressed, the users can simply check identity and mechanisms of the leaders,

and easily see the actual playing style by gifs.

<We combined texts that have been already translated>

We've put advertisements to function only as bonus,

such as changing normal treasure chest to elite one or getting more Exp after each rounds.

However, we are planning to put ads-skip function, since so many people requested.

<When there is nothing to choose in the box, you may touch Ads button without conscious>

-Many other things we've prepared-

We'd love to release iOS version simultaneously with the Android version, but it was not simple at all.

We had to send information to Apple Game Center and reconnect in-game functions,

bought new MacBook, and made new Appstore developer account.

Privacy policy had to be made to put application in examination.

Since legal issues were not out major,

we had to check and compare many of those from other games, and even the government page,

to make that fits with our game.

It was unexpectedly hard and complex work.

We have also made new advertising images and 30 seconds trailer to put on website like Facebook,

prepared answers for many expected questions, wrote coverage to use on releasing date.

We thought we were prepared, so we pressed the button.

But it was not working right away.

Unlike Steam, before releasing it had to be examined again, and since we'd already sent coverage,

game news was reported even before the actually releasing.

Still I am so happy because I've been dreaming about it for long time.

Hope you enjoy the game, and again, thanks for loving our game again.

We are expecting a lot of feedback, and we will work hard for improvements.


The weathers of the whole globe are so weird.

Hope you do not get harmed by it, and all together let’s withstand against the pandemic disease.

<We've coloured "Shaman Leader Colouring Page" by "SarahDancePainter">

<"Leaders" by "swipero4ek">

Homepage: https://www.CasselGames.com/

Steam Store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1108370/Ratropolis/

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CasselGames.Ratropolis

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CasselGames/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CasselGames

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