Ratropolis is a card game that uses cards to defend a rat's city against enemies.

Ratropolis is a real-time card game, not a turn based card game.

You must defend your upcoming enemies with quick judgment and swiftness.

Build your OWN Ratropolis with various cards that you can get from playing the game!

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Hundreds of Cards & Dynamic Deck building

Create your own deck with 500++ cards. 

To protect Ratropolis, you need a strategic card choice.

Real-Time Defense

Use military cards to place units on a defensive position.

Keep in mind that while you're thinking about which cards to use, your enemies are approaching the city.

Build Ratropolis, the Largest City of Rats

Use building cards to build your own city .
Buildings offer unique and powerful bonuses.
Explore the world to expand your city.

SuggestionsArmy Unit Management

12 Nov 2019
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Hi Cassel Games. This forum looks pretty empty at the moment, but that may change over time.

The ability to click on the symbols above the wall to select specific types of units and then send them forward or backward between walls would add an extra depth of quality to an already awesome game.

Thank you!

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