Cassel Games
Based in Seoul, Republic of Korea

Release date:
November 2023 (Planned)


PC, Console




New game with combined genre of strategic survival, Sandbox, and city building simulation. 

Enjoy the simulation with vast world to adventure with a great number of contents. 

Build your own economical system to sustain your ideal city of Ratopia.


  • Economically active Ratizens: 

    Citizens of Ratopia each owns wealth and characteristics.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch!
    Supply jobs and services for Ratizens to make all happy.

  • Create extraordinary Policies:

    Make a detailed policy to tax them all!

    Shouldn't the people all work restlessly for more profit?

    Create or prevent social disasters with own policies.

  • Diverse adventures placed Underworld:

    Explore and find the remains of the great old rats.

    Bring prosperity to the city through great expeditions.

    Some might woke up new apex predators, but who cares?

Awards & Recognition

  • "2nd Place" 18th Gyonggi Game Audition, 2023
  • "Jury Prize" BIGS, 2022


  • SungJin Hwang
    Design, Cassel Games

  • YunHyeok Yim
    Design, Cassel Games

  • SunWoong Lee
    Engineering, Cassel Games

  • JongChang Park
    Engineering, Cassel Games

  • MinSu Kim
    Art, Cassel Games

  • GaYeon Ham
    Art, Cassel Games