Ratropolis DevDiary #22 – Shaman Leader

5 Jan 2020
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< We Wish Everyone Happy New Year! >

Hello all! This is Cassel, the lead developer again.

It is already twenty twenty and the year of Rats is greeting us.

As depicted in the art, we wish Ratropolis and players a big success in 2020.

To do that, we will have to work hard to develop the game.

In this development journal, we will talk about the leader content and profits.

Shaman Leader -

The Shaman Leader is the fifth leader.

It took a long time to determine the ability of a new leader.

There were frequent concept changes for last 3 months.

The initial concept of the Shaman leader was the crowd control.

Because Ratropolis lacked the effects of crowd controls such as stun and bondage,

Through the shaman, I wanted to provide a variety of strategy to defeat the game.

< Cards that cause freeze/ slow/ and additional damage to invaders >

However, the CC(crowd control) effect alone did not stand out from the other leaders.

Cards with status effects were readily available to other leaders.

To use the status effects well, these cards had to be backed by military and skill cards that could damage the enemy.

Needed to find more character of the shaman leader.

That's when the spirit summoner concept came to mind.

Which uses the Leadership power to bring a powerful spirit card.

and uniquely apply them to the game.

Fire Spirit–  Fire inflicts high damage on the area of effect.

Earth Spirit –  Earthly power enhances the defensive wall: making the wall invincible for some time.

Storm Spirit – A huge gust of wind blows in the area of effect, pushing enemies away from the city hall.

Imagining new powers in my head, the strength of abilities were designed so powerfully in the beginning.

I worried about strength of the leader ability as it levels up.

and that players may become overly dependent on the leader ability.

However, it was clear that weakening abilities would also reduce attractiveness.

I needed an idea to balance the strength.

After so much trouble, I came up with a new mechanism that had not existed before.

Changing the cost of card? No

How about fluctuating the damage/effect of the card?

When a unit dies in the game, a "Soul" resource accumulates on the "Soul Siphon" card,

The idea is that you spend all the Soul accumulated on the Soul Siphon card, and deal damage as much as you spend.

In short, the collect souls are used as a lethal move.

Soul supply is low at the beginning of the game, so the balance issue was taken care of.

I liked the soul mechanism because it had a new play style!

The final decision had been made. Shaman is a leader that can easily collect souls.

< There were series of decision making and we came up with this! >

< Absorb as much soul as you can to draw a powerful shot as a Shaman Leader! >

Since the direction was set, we have added a lot of cards and buildings that matches the new leader.

We also made changes to ability, Instead of summoning spirit, the leader works with souls.

There is an attractive leader.

< Various cards to create synergy with 3 soul cards >

< Storm, Earth, and Fire Heed My Call! >

- Update on the current Leaders -

In line with the Shaman Leader Update, existing leaders have also changed.

First, the first draw at the start has been modified for each class

The new Shaman leader can only take effect if he has the Soul Absorb card.

Without it, there's no way to collect soul for Shaman.

Also, many users have suggested that they wish to have unique cards for each leader.

That's why we decided that each leader begins the game with an additional card.

Next came the Rework of the Merchant leader.

His original ability was this: "Discard all cards in your hand. You get 3% of your Gold(+3% per Leader Level) per cards discarded."

When you have a pool of gold coins, you can spam legendary cards without worrying about cost.

However, because you need to play at least 10 minutes to store a lot of gold coins,

 the efficiency was too low at the beginning.

Whereas in the late-game, efficiency is eye-opening.

It also seemed tedious to discard all cards at the start and wait for the next draw.

So, we made the following changes to limit the gold in late game, and give little advantage in the early stages.

Deal] ability:"Discard 1(+1 per Leader Level) random card from your hand, and gain 10% of your total Gold per discard card"

Lastly we reworked the Scientist leader.

We wanted to find out why fewer users play Scientist leaders than other leaders.

Although a leader with fun skills, its dependence on luck was high. 

(Scientist Leader's [Discovery] ability: Get 1(+1 per Leader Level) random Emphemeral 0 cost Skill card. )

As the player's deck completes, players' need to use a random card decreased.

There was a high probability that players would get skill cards that they cannot use.

This had the prospect of getting worse as new technology cards were added.

The reasons depicted above fully explain ineffectiveness of scientist ability in late game.

So, we came up with following improvements.

1st Draft - Duplicate the last used skill card as a temporary card and bring X-amount to your hand.

2nd Draft - Duplicate X-amount of random skill card from your deck as a temporary card.

While both drafts made powerful and strategic improvement,

It was in opposite direction of a scientist leader's characteristic: 'to use a variety of technology cards.'

Improvements focused on maximizing the efficiency of advanced technology cards.

This seemed to encourage player to find efficient skill cards.

And use the same card over and over again.

Reworked version is this: Get 1 of 2(+2 per Leader Level) random Emphemeral 0 cost Skill Card. You get to choose skill card.

By showing different skill cards, we allow players to choose card to its best use.

 < I like the fact that players will think about which card makes the best choice. >

- Steam revenue –

About 50 days after launch, we received a call from bank saying that STEAM payment had arrived.

To get a transfer of USD$ 5000 or more, I had to fill out a foreign currency receipt.

It's a shame that the money exchange rate was poor when I visited the bank. 

I did not set my trading account as a foreign currency account. 

So, I had no choice but to exchange money within 3 days of transfer.

In the past, I have decided to make a good use of my first profit.

They were used to pay VAT and operating costs and purchase development equipment, Unity PRO engines.

As well as rewarding those who helped Ratropolis in various ways, and donation for indie developers.

Even though I've spent a lot of money, the national tax service made me pay a lot of income tax.

Because I am not an owner of a corporation,

Fortunately, we have been able to reduce our tax burden by applying for a deduction

 called “Youth Startup Income Tax Reduction.”

There are not many applicants, so tax agents may not know this.

If you need it, check with the Korean IRS and apply!

This concludes this development journal.

I'll see you in the next journal with new maps and enemies.

Thank you for your support and I will wrap it up with a fan-art by 'FORMU'!

Have a great holiday season and wish you a happy new year~!! 

< Druid by FORMU >

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