Ratopia is a new game that has combined elements of both strategic survival and city building.
With plenty of content available, and more planned, enjoy a vast world to adventure and populate with citizens!
Build your own economical system to sustain your ideal city of Ratopia.


Economically active Ratizens 

The citizens of Ratopia each have their own wealth and unique characteristics. There is no such thing as a free lunch! Supply jobs and services for your ratizens to make them all happy.

Create extraordinary Policies

Make a detailed policy to tax them all! Shouldn't the people all work tirelessly for more profit? Create or prevent social disasters with your own policies.

Diverse adventures placed Underworld

Explore and find the remains of the great old rats. Bring prosperity to the city through great expeditions. Some adventures pose the possibility of awaking up apex predators, but who's to worry?

BugsKeyboard binding

9 Nov 2023
Views 58

Game looks awesome! I was watching a streamer on Twitch and excited to try, however, after initial installation, the WSAD keys were not moving my avatar. Space would jump and mouse were working. I went into the binding and everything was set - I changed to the arrow keys and saved and things worked - I could move around. I went in and tried resetting to the default and wasn't able to active the WASD keys again (like the game wasn't seeing them).

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